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Fire Blight Disease is caused by?

McKinney residents are blessed with beautiful ornamental pear tree trees. There are many flowering options, including the Redspire pear, Trinity, Autumn Blaze and Aristocrat pears. Pear trees can suffer from visible fire blight, which can have a devastating effect on their appearance. It’s important to work with an arborist and plant pathologist.

Fire blight is caused when bacteria is easily spread through rain and insects. The bacteria lives in the cankers and other damaged areas of the tree’s trunk and branches during winter. The fire blight bacteria produces milky secretion in damaged areas of trees, which attracts insects. It then begins to infect new twig growth as well as the tree’s leaves. Infected twigs will curl and turn into hooked ends, eventually becoming blackened. Leaves turn brownish-black spots on the leaves, eventually becoming shrivelled. The branches eventually succumb to the disease by developing dark, deep sores.

Diagnostics for Fire Blight on Ornamental Trees

McKinney spring season is rainy and wet with rapidly rising temperatures. Don’t hesitate to get involved if you notice signs of fire blight in McKinney Tx. Trees with open cankers or damaged bark are more likely to be affected. It is possible for the tree to die from the lack of treatment and diagnosis. While there is no single way to eliminate fire blight from trees it is crucial that you contact an experienced tree company McKinney and speak with a certified Arborist. He will officially test and diagnose your tree. An McKinney Tree Service & Stump Grinding professional tree Arborist is well-versed in soil quality and climate, and can create a maintenance and treatment plan for your tree to ensure it thrives.

McKinney , TX Fire Blight Treatment

McKinney arborists are the best way to prevent fire blight bacteria infecting your pear trees and control the spread of the disease on those trees already infected. Experts in tree care will take good care of trees that show symptoms from previous seasons. They will also be able to develop a protection plan that will protect trees of high value in the area of trees already infected. A specialist might recommend that you prune with disinfected pruning shavers. Infected branches can be cut during the winter months, and trimmed at least twelve inches above the apparent damage in the spring growing season. In combination with pruning maintenance, chemical treatment using trunk injections or spray application might also be recommended. Chemical treatments can be reapplied every year. McKinney Tree Service & Stump Grinding will offer a one-year guarantee on any treatment. Your landscape and outdoor environment are beautiful features that should be taken care of by professionals.


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