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What is the Cause of Leaf Spots?

One disease tree care professionals often encounter in McKinney is leaf spot. This is a broad term that refers collectively to a number of conditions that can leave trees or plants with unsightly dark spots. Leaf spot is often caused by several fungal pathogens like tubakia (anthracnose), powdery mildew, and anthracnose. However it could also be caused by bacterial agents. The number of leaf spot diseases is so many that it is not common for your trees to experience them.

Common to all types of leaf spot is the need for humid and wet weather conditions. The fungus remains in winter on dead and infected leaves. It is visible in early spring when tiny brownish to black spots no more than 1/2 inch wide begin to cover the diseased leaves. In some cases, the number of spots becomes so large they can appear as large blotches and overlay the leaves. Leaf spots can rapidly progress if left untreated. When you first notice leaf spots, it is vital that you call an experienced tree service.

Diagnosing Leaf Spots

A qualified plant pathologist will rapidly perform diagnosis testing for leaf disease and examine the surrounding environment. If leaves are covered in dark spots, surrounded with lighter-colored rings, it is a sure sign that disease has occurred. For arborists, large blotches and brownish dead areas on leaves are further signs of leaf spot invasion. For trees that are severely infected, the canopy may experience premature loss of foliage and an overall thinning effect.

Wet soil promotes the rapid spread of this optically unacceptable tree and plant pathogen. The ground will be inspected to ensure proper drainage, standing water, and areas that provide favorable host conditions for the pathogen. To identify the fungal agent responsible for leaf spot and to determine the treatment and care methods needed, soil samples will need to be tested in the laboratory. After the diagnostic process is completed, McKinney top arborist will present an evaluation report of the tree, along with the recommended treatment. Also, ongoing care and maintenance are necessary to prevent the spread and spread of leaf spot to other areas.

Treating Leaf Spots

A professional tree service can remove infected or dead leaves from the habitat to prevent further spread. It is essential to keep the ground clean and remove all fallen leaves. The spores can easily spread throughout residential areas by wind blowing, splashing rain or blowing. Regular tree pruning is done by an experienced tree company to allow air to circulate within the tree’s structure. This allows for the elimination of infected twigs and leaves, which prevents leaf spot and other diseases from spreading. Sprinkler systems that damage the foliage should be avoided. Scheduled and regularly monitored watering should take place early in each day, by soil drenching, or at the base of a tree’s trunk. McKinney certified Arborists will decide if irrigation is required. Trees that are healthy and vigorous will be more resistant to diseases. Regular deep root fertilization, administered by a professional tree services company, will also help to boost their immune system. In extreme cases of leaf spot, fungicide treatments may become necessary. These treatments should be performed by an arborist who regularly visits sick trees. He also offers a one-year warranty on any treatment. Although leaf spot disease does not cause death, it can make trees more susceptible to other diseases. The best McKinney arborists can help you keep your residential area healthy and beautiful.


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