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​​​​McKinney Tree Disease. Sick Tree Treatment Company

Tree disease or a sick tree can occur at any time. If your trees begin to change in color before fall, you should contact an Arborist. McKinney tree doctoring team is here to help you in every season.

Are there sick or diseased trees in your yard?

Are your trees looking less beautiful?

Are you seeing bark that’s either black or white, or both?

The leaves are yellowy before fall?

Our clients receive training and instruction on how to spot diseases in their trees. Our Arborist team is skilled in identifying unhealthy trees and shrubs.

For the past 20 years, we have been identifying Tree diseases.

It is crucial to identify the tree foliar system on leaves. This is where you will be able to tell if the leaves are damaged. It is crucial to identify the problem early so that it does not cause severe damage or even death.

Tree sickness can usually be controlled with deep root feeding, systemic tree feeding, and tree injections if caught early. McKinney Tree Service & Stump Grinding is happy to assist you in identifying problems and teaching you how to fix them.

There are many ways to treat Oak trees and Live Oaks.

All of these trees could be affected if a disease falls within one of the three categories: Infectious, non-infectious.

  • Infectious – Tree decline due to fungal or bacterial causes
  • Non-Infectious – This refers to nutrient deficiency
  • Pest tree decline – Insect related beetle borer

Tree disease is best detected by a trained eye. These are some tree diseases that can be fatal to McKinney trees.

  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Tree Leaf Spot
  • Fire Blight
  • Post Oak Decline

REDOAK: Because this tree is similar to Live Oak trees it can be difficult to spot problems. These are signs that your tree is in trouble. The leaves aren’t blooming as well in spring. They will become brownish or pale green and wither. It is usually only one tree that is affected, but the problem will soon affect the whole tree. Red Oaks that don’t bloom as planned are an indication of a serious problem. To diagnose the problem, you should immediately call an Arborist. Oak wilt may cause the tree’s death within three to four week.

Oak wilt refers to a condition in which the bark of oak trees develops fungal spores. Red Oaks may hide fungal spores under their bark so it is important to inspect them regularly. Fungal spores are usually fruity-smelling.


Oak Wilt spreads through the roots of Live Oaks. Oakwoods are a grouping of live oaks which grow together. Their root systems often intertwine with one another. It’s only a matter time before other trees become infected. It is crucial to remove infected trees as soon possible. The entire plantation could be affected if not given any action. Trees that are browning or responding incorrectly to their seasons must be taken care of immediately.


The following can be used to show the differences in contamination between Red Oaks & Live Oaks trees:

Red Oaks: Soil contamination can cause the transmit oak to wilt. Normally, the disease must be spread to another tree by a host. Red oak fungal spores may emit a fruity odor that attracts many insects. This bug is the sap-feeding Nitidulid Beetles.

If the beetle infects other trees, it can spread the fungal infection to them as well. It is best to prune trees in winter so that the tree can dry out before the beetles arrive in the spring.

Oak Wilt can also pass through the human body. This can be done by cutting the contaminated wood and placing it in an area with other red oak. Before you begin to cut wood, make sure it is thoroughly examined before you transport it to the destination.

Root Rot is one of the Texas Tree Diseases

Water molds and fungi are destroying root trunk tissue. This occurs when something protrudes into the tree’s tissue core.

Bacterial leaf scorch: Another Texas tree disease

Heat stress and summertime are the causes of the bacteria Xylella fastidiosa (bacterial leaves scorch). This bacteria can be found in the tree’s water xylem. Insects that eat the Xylem often transmit it. The tree will eventually stop functioning when it becomes stressed. Leaf scorch can sometimes look like Oak Wilt, and it may sometimes be confused for yellowy brown.

McKinney residents have used Pest Control of McKinney Tree Service & Stump Grinding for their garden pest problems over the past 20-years.


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